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Today’s interview: @jozettethevan.

My name is Ben. I’m a 32 year-old consultant in communications who lives on the road. Originally from Paris, France, I have spent the majority of my life abroad. I live in Jozette, a Volkswagen Vanagon older than I am (1985) which I rescued and restored for two years before moving in in January of 2019. I left San Francisco, where I had been based for 6 years, to be on the road full time in last August.  

What are the top 3 objects in your vehicle you can’t live without?

  1. My built-in stove.
  2. The aftermarket alarm and the lockable safe: it allows me to be worryless when I leave the vehicle behind.
  3. These past few weeks: a hot water bottle that makes the lack of heater in the van bearable at night.

What are the top 3 objects you couldn’t live without before to live in your vehicle and you don’t need anymore?

  1. A desk
  2. A freezer
  3. A monitor

What do you miss the most about living in a house?

A couch I can lay down on!

Tell us your worst or funniest memory since you are living the vanlife!

The van getting broken into in San Francisco while I was sleeping.

What is your favorite activity when you don’t have network?

Reading and editing my photos.

What are your tips to keep your vehicle clean?

Consistent, daily cleaning! Not the whole van, but I wash my dishes right after I cook, I clean whichever surface as it gets dirty, and wash my bed linings whenever I do laundry. I also have room spray and a candle to keep the bad smell out of such a small place.

What is your proudest personal deco touch?

The wooden slats on my ceiling, making me feel I’m in a sailing boat.

What is the thing you are showing off to everybody?

Since I’ve built my entire interior myself, with much attention to details – everything and anything!

When it’s raining, what do you like to do?

Get cozy in the van and read.

What is your favorite dish to cook?

Eggs in any form – omelette, scrambled, poached. I don’t think I’ve made any egg recipe more than once, there are so many ways to cook them and season them.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Heat water – for coffee/instant oatmeal, but it also warms up the va

What are your new habits? (good or bad)

I cook much more, and am really enjoying trying/inventing new recipes.

Who or what inspired you to take this trip?

What started as a weekend project to go on short trips turned into an obsession to be on the road for months.

Why this vehicle?

It’s a vintage Volkswagen bus… it speaks for itself!

What is your dreamt vehicle(s)?

The one I live in! The perk of restoring it myself from the ground up.

What would you change on your vehicle?

The list is endless: the hardest part is to prioritize.

What is your van missing?

Something that’s the essence of these vans: 100% reliable mechanics.

What are your favorites Instagram account you would like us to interview?

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